Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Embroidered Maps

I have been trying different ways to incorporate maps into textile pieces. I tried embroidering a map freehand last week. It was difficult to create order without the blocks of water to separate everything, but it was a different way to work. I found myself referring to it while drawing a paper map, so I suppose the exercise was good for something. It's hard to get the same kind of precise, architectural lines that I like in paper maps. The fabric I was using was just too thin to support backstitching, so I used more of a dashed line, sort of like a treasure map.

After I finished the map, I framed it in a basic clip frame that I had left over from SOS. I hadn't bothered to iron it, so the fabric bunched up inside, but I think I like the effect. There isn't much to suggest topological features in my drawn maps.

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