Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Little House Studios

This week we are moving out of our studio space. I just haven't been going to it at all, since all my craft fair preparations can be done from home, and that's usually what my free time goes to. It was fun to have somewhere to go and create, but also in the summer it would be a lot hotter in the attic studio space than on my porch.

Before we leave, though, have a pretty panorama photo of the studio!

Taken by my studiomate Adam (it's also on his website).

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pop-up Booklet

I decided to try a horizontal pop-up method, to make more of a book instead of a card. It's a pretty simple folding pattern that I actually learned in 6th grade math class, and rediscovered when going through my notes last summer. The cuts are definitely simpler than my previous cityscape pop-ups; you only need to cut a slit for the top of each building. The math is a tiny bit more complicated and the position of the buildings is a little more limited, but the effect is really nice.

I started by accordion-folding a strip of paper and making clusters of buildings in each concave fold:

Then I glued the pages together to make a book, and glued a back cover on to make it stand up - the black color also makes the intricate cuts more visible.

I think I might prefer the accordion version, because you can see every detail, but a book is a little more accessible. Which do you like?

Monday, June 28, 2010

"Urban Landscapes" Etsy Treasury

Both my map drawings and my pop-up city cards were chosen to be in the "Urban Landscapes" treasury on Etsy. Please click to view the whole selection. I love a lot of the pieces -- in addition, if the treasury gets enough attention it can make it to the front page. So if you enjoy it, leave a comment!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art in Stop-Motion

I am pleased to finally be able to show the reason I haven't had much time to update this blog lately. I've been working on a stop-motion project for an artist who makes intricate metal sculptures that unfold and move. Everything is incredibly ornate, and the mechanical parts are astounding. Links to the YouTube videos are below:

For the full size, please click on the embedded videos to view them in YouTube. There is music with the videos (except for Bloomingdale's, where it was prevented because of copyright issues).

Monday, June 21, 2010

Terrace Garden

Last Monday, on my day off, I spent a whole lot of time on the balcony of our second-floor apartment. I became very well-acquainted with it when I managed to lock myself outside (the door to the porch locks itself when it shuts, and all the accessible windows were locked). Luckily there were more passers-by than the last time (yes), and I even found someone with a ladder, so it went relatively smoothly.

The couple hours I spent out there later in the day were much more intentional. I had a wonderful time at the local plant nursery and came back with herbs, tomato plants, soil and a mini trowel and rake set. I now have both yellow and red cherry tomatoes, lavender, cilantro, basil and chocolate mint settling into bigger pots out there. It looks a little meager at the moment (even with my hours of work!) but I hope they will all grow and spread. I'm also rooting some coleus cuttings indoors to add more color to the balcony. I know the tomatoes will need much bigger pots pretty soon, but for now at least it's better than keeping them in tiny six-packs.

Since then I've planted morning glories and moonflowers, beets and radishes, and zucchini and watermelons. The watermelons are sort of a joke, but it would be cool if they worked out. I need to make another trip to get soil and maybe another long planter for sweet peas and lettuce. It's an ambitious project, but it's nice to have plants out there.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Earrings Display

For a while I would set up my earrings at craft shows on a lace stretched across a picture frame. However, in order to have it stand up, I had to keep the back and the glass in, so the earrings weren't freely hanging but just suspended right in front of the glass. I recently acquired some large picture frames with no backs or glass and decided to use them for a different way of hanging earrings on lace. I just taped pieces of lace across the back of the picture frame and use the holes in the lace to hang the earrings. I currently have the whole display hanging on the wall (it makes it so easy to choose jewelry in the morning!), but I want to figure out a way to bring it to craft fairs.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sew What?! Craft Fair in Union Square

At the end of June, I'll be participating in Sew What?!, a sewing- and upcycling-themed craft fair in Union Square, Somerville. Along with vendors, there will also be a clothing swap with stations where you can embellish the clothing you find. I'm planning to bring a lot of the things that I no longer wear, and I encourage everyone else to do the same! (Actually, I plan to bring the sweatshirt I picked up from the event last year and no longer wear, as well...) I will be showing only jewelry and accessories this time, which is new for me. I'm working hard so that I will be able to fill my table!

The event is on Saturday June 26th from 3-7pm in the plaza in the middle of Union Square (outside of Precinct, for example). Download the flyer below for the complete information!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Rings

I made some paper beads out of a thicker magazine ad, and they're a little too big and fat to use in threes the way I've been making other paper bead rings, but they work very well solo. The process still takes a while but it's a bit less finicky when you only have to worry about positioning one bead. I'm thinking of varying the cage part to make it more interesting. I'm doing a lot of jewelry to prepare for an upcoming fair in Union Square -- more on that later!