Thursday, September 24, 2009


I've been working like crazy! Lately I've been enjoying going to True Grounds in Somerville to do my drawing. It's a great place to spend a while with a coffee and some work. Here's what my "studio" looks like!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Embroidered Cuff Bracelet

I recently acquired a collection of embroidery materials, and have been playing around with ways to use them that do not involve kitschy cross-stitching. I was inspired by my roommate Hilary's cuff bracelet that her friend made from some recycled denim, and decided to embroider strips and turn them into cuff bracelets. I really love the way this looks. Staining the fabric with tea after embroidering does wonders to eliminate the plastic-y look of the cross-stitch fabric.

I may end up keeping this particular bracelet - it's so incredibly comfortable! I wear it all day and barely notice it. It would be a great way to wear a particular statement, if I didn't feel like cross-stitched letters were too kitschy. If you have any suggestions for subjects, please leave a comment! I've posted this to Etsy, since I'm working on an identical version that won't come pre-loved by me...

Monday, September 21, 2009

South End Open Studios/SoWa

This was a busy weekend! Saturday I spent all day selling art at the Urban Country Fair, and then yesterday I went with my roommates to see the open studios in the South End. I got to see a ton of new stuff that was really interesting, but it was also lovely to see friends at 450 Harrison. Everyone was pleased to hear about my success at the fair yesterday. Marion Dioguardi even said she'd been thinking good luck thoughts for me that day, which was sweet. I've had great conversations with her about drawing and shadows, and I love her work.

First we checked out the open market, where I saw some stalls I recognized from Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg at the beginning of the summer! It never really occurred to me to travel for craft fairs, but now I realize of course that's what you do if that's how you sell your work. It must be just great to have a whole new audience, too. I felt the benefit of being a completely new presence on Saturday - I'd never shown before at all, and it was something unlike the other work at the fair.

Stalls I noticed included:
Albertine Press - She was also at Renegade, and was so friendly and full of advice about how I should pursue securing tables at craft shows. The stationery she makes is just adorable.

Cadence - Their paper-wrapped bracelets were a great idea. I love all the projects that use paper in accessories.

Lucky Bird - My favorite was a necklace made of large circular links with copy about various mysterious things.

Looka Jewelry - Her jewelry is very delicate, and I love the envelope theme. My favorite, however, was a simple ring with a leaf design. It looked extremely wearable.

Then we went to some of the open studios. The most memorable artist for me was one I happened upon at the first studio we went to. I had no idea that making imaginary maps was a common practice, so I was so pleased to see the work of Heidi Whitman. She's even been in shows with other artists who are interested in fantastical cartography. There's one coming up in New York - I have to check it out!

I saw many more artists, but at the moment I have to set off for a busy day of interviews, so expect an update later tonight.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Urban Country Fair

I just returned from a blissful day of sitting in the shade, chatting with artists and telling interested and interesting people about what I do, while selling artwork at the same time! I learned a whole lot about what I should sell, how I should present it, and how my original prices were way too low for what I was selling. But I had an absolutely amazing time, and I can't wait to do it again!
First everyone arrived and set up:

...including the music:
There was some cool stuff like balloon crafts:

This was my table, in its final setup mode, and before everything got sold:
Adam got me some takeout midway through, which was delicious and fried:

This is the table for Vagabond Jewelry - I've coveted their stuff for a long time, so it was great to meet Kest in person, although I'm afraid I was a bit of a fangirl about it...!
The parakeet was very popular; maybe he lives in Union Square?

There were some dance tutorials:
And I had a lot of sales! I also met some cool people in the process, like Andrea with whom I may possibly practice Japanese at some point - she grew up in Sendai!
And my littlest fan, who almost got lip gloss (or whatever that was) all over my stuff:

I also sold both my larger works, for much less than they were actually worth given the amount of time and headache that they required. I need to work on this.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sunset over Powderhouse

The cow was especially dramatic.

Something New

I've been making so many necklaces with the paper beads, I figured it was time to get a little more creative. I just posted a pair of earrings to Etsy that I made by stringing wired beads into little tassels. It's a funky effect, and the great thing about earrings made from paper beads is that they're very light to wear.


I just posted these ones as well. I really like the way they hang like leaves from a central stem, and the way they shift around whenever the earrings move. Check them out on Etsy here!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Illustration Collaboration Online!

I just posted a new section to my website for a collaborative illustration project that I did for a show. Please check it out! The thumbnail images are a little wonky at the moment, but I'll have to take more time to fix those. For now, just click on each to enlarge and cycle through the group.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Old Drawings

I just recently dug up some old watercolors and sketches for a job interview, and am in the process of posting them to my site. Some of these are from an independent study I did sophomore year....and the portrait in pencil is from my very first art class at Brown! It's old, but I still like it and think of it when I think of realistic sketches that I've done.

This is just a sample - more can be seen at my website.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Valentino Necklace

I just posted a new creation on Etsy. I really like how it came out. The wire links give it a little more weight and help it hang better, and the colors are really elegant - more so than in this photo. I made a small bracelet with the leftover beads that I wore around all night, and got some compliments on it. I'll post photos of that later. More of the necklace can be seen here. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hand-drawn Packaging

I enjoyed making this little card for displaying hairpins. It's cute and very sketch-y. I'm considering just drawing them all by hand, instead of going through the bother of scanning and printing the image. I don't expect to have to put out a great volume of them, anyway, and it adds a personal touch.

See more photos of the clips on Etsy!

Monday, September 7, 2009


These are the latest necklaces I've finished: one with earthy beads on brown cord,

and one with pretty stone-colored beads (all from the same fashion ad!) on recycled white cord:

I love the colors in the last one. It's not on Etsy yet, but will be soon. For now, I have a couple projects to finish and post there!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Urban Country Fair!

If you're anywhere near Somerville the weekend after next, come by Union Square for music, crafts booths and other awesome stuff! At the very least, show up to be moral support as I try to manage my very first art booth!