Monday, September 21, 2009

South End Open Studios/SoWa

This was a busy weekend! Saturday I spent all day selling art at the Urban Country Fair, and then yesterday I went with my roommates to see the open studios in the South End. I got to see a ton of new stuff that was really interesting, but it was also lovely to see friends at 450 Harrison. Everyone was pleased to hear about my success at the fair yesterday. Marion Dioguardi even said she'd been thinking good luck thoughts for me that day, which was sweet. I've had great conversations with her about drawing and shadows, and I love her work.

First we checked out the open market, where I saw some stalls I recognized from Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg at the beginning of the summer! It never really occurred to me to travel for craft fairs, but now I realize of course that's what you do if that's how you sell your work. It must be just great to have a whole new audience, too. I felt the benefit of being a completely new presence on Saturday - I'd never shown before at all, and it was something unlike the other work at the fair.

Stalls I noticed included:
Albertine Press - She was also at Renegade, and was so friendly and full of advice about how I should pursue securing tables at craft shows. The stationery she makes is just adorable.

Cadence - Their paper-wrapped bracelets were a great idea. I love all the projects that use paper in accessories.

Lucky Bird - My favorite was a necklace made of large circular links with copy about various mysterious things.

Looka Jewelry - Her jewelry is very delicate, and I love the envelope theme. My favorite, however, was a simple ring with a leaf design. It looked extremely wearable.

Then we went to some of the open studios. The most memorable artist for me was one I happened upon at the first studio we went to. I had no idea that making imaginary maps was a common practice, so I was so pleased to see the work of Heidi Whitman. She's even been in shows with other artists who are interested in fantastical cartography. There's one coming up in New York - I have to check it out!

I saw many more artists, but at the moment I have to set off for a busy day of interviews, so expect an update later tonight.

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