Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Embroidered Cuff Bracelet

I recently acquired a collection of embroidery materials, and have been playing around with ways to use them that do not involve kitschy cross-stitching. I was inspired by my roommate Hilary's cuff bracelet that her friend made from some recycled denim, and decided to embroider strips and turn them into cuff bracelets. I really love the way this looks. Staining the fabric with tea after embroidering does wonders to eliminate the plastic-y look of the cross-stitch fabric.

I may end up keeping this particular bracelet - it's so incredibly comfortable! I wear it all day and barely notice it. It would be a great way to wear a particular statement, if I didn't feel like cross-stitched letters were too kitschy. If you have any suggestions for subjects, please leave a comment! I've posted this to Etsy, since I'm working on an identical version that won't come pre-loved by me...

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