Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I had two missions today: to see the exhibit on the roof of the Met, and the show of collected junk at the MoMA.

Roxy Paine's installation on the roof was pretty great. It had been described to me as "twigs", but when I saw it it seemed more chaotic than that.

I also wandered through the new American wing, and was surprised on stumbling upon the Charles Engelhard court:
I also loved the show at MoMA of things the artist's mother collected and kept in her home in China. There were so many things it would not have occurred to me to keep.

I really loved these: empty tubes of toothpaste, fruit wrappers and especially the tons of plastic bags carefully folded into little triangles.
The view from the second floor was also wonderful:


  1. I have become my mother : I fold all my plastic bags just like that :D

    THe roof exhibition look pretty impressive. Made me think of those pine branches washed upon the shore from the sea in the archipelago over here : they get a very silvery shade.

  2. How do you fold plastic bags like that? I'm so curious. My mother and I had never encountered that technique before... :D