Sunday, March 25, 2012

Forged Wire Rings

After the recent craziness of my schedule, I just had to doodle around and make something new -- and I'm pretty happy with how it came out! I saw a lot of rings like this while we were in San Francisco and I love the idea. I took it a step further by oxidizing the copper after forming these rings, then buffing off parts of it to reveal the pink copper color. I love how every second in the liver of sulfur bath creates a slightly different tone in the copper -- it turns from gold to maroon to grey to blue-black, all in about 20 seconds (depending on the heat of the bath and wire, I believe). Unfortunately the color in these photos isn't great, but it should give a sense of the difference in color that happens after only a few seconds.

Bronze hue (only a few seconds in the liver of sulfur):

Maroon-pink shade (about 8 seconds):

Deep grey (more than 20 seconds; burnished afterwards to bring out some of the pink color):
Detail of the pattern:

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