Thursday, March 29, 2012

CraftBoston Spring 2012

Last Saturday I spent several lovely hours taking in the sights at CraftBoston, held at the Seaport. I had been surprised to learn that the event was going to have a steampunk theme, but it turned out that that was relegated to one section and the theme of the talks; aside from that, the event was very similar to last year. I did notice that a large portion of the booths had bright "New Exhibitor" signs on them, and I saw a lot of artists I hadn't seen before. A few highlights:

- Swan and Stone Millinery had a variety of wonderful hats and fascinators incorporating feathers and felted flowers. I really should have tried some on!

- There were a lot of stalls with ceramics at CraftBoston, but I'd never seen anything like the Art Nouveau style ceramics by Stephanie Young before. Her website has a lot of interesting information about her process and inspiration as well. I just saw her work at 13Forest Gallery when I was dropping off work there, so you can see a sample of her style in Arlington as well!

- I remember seeing Joe Bagley's amazing papercuts last year at CraftBoston Spring, but I was glad to have a chance to peruse them again. I was also amused to see a sign in the stall stating that one of his papercuts (a couple on a bicycle, I believe) was the first image pinned on Pinterest. Neat!

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