Sunday, August 1, 2010

Men's Polo Shirt Refashion

I recently acquired a huge polo shirt as a giveaway, and figured I would see what I could do with it.

First I took the sleeves off with seam rippers. Then I tried it on and put pins in the sides at my bust and waist to mark where to cut. I drew a curve (with silver sharpie on the right side of the fabric -- not recommended!) to connect the points and then cut.

I hemmed the sleeves to the point where the side seam would start, then stitched the seam. I had to make some adjustments for a nice flare, but I think it turned out surprisingly well!

Now I just need to work on taking out (or just covering up) that logo, and find some projects for the fabric scraps!


  1. You know what, I don't think I'd mess with the logo at all - let it be what it needs to be - you've already added a feminine charm with the sleeves and the girlier cut, so the Keno logo just adds to the quirkiness of it all! (just my two cents, but I think it's awfully cute and unexpected just as you've got it now!)

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