Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pop-up Booklet

I decided to try a horizontal pop-up method, to make more of a book instead of a card. It's a pretty simple folding pattern that I actually learned in 6th grade math class, and rediscovered when going through my notes last summer. The cuts are definitely simpler than my previous cityscape pop-ups; you only need to cut a slit for the top of each building. The math is a tiny bit more complicated and the position of the buildings is a little more limited, but the effect is really nice.

I started by accordion-folding a strip of paper and making clusters of buildings in each concave fold:

Then I glued the pages together to make a book, and glued a back cover on to make it stand up - the black color also makes the intricate cuts more visible.

I think I might prefer the accordion version, because you can see every detail, but a book is a little more accessible. Which do you like?

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  1. !!!! This is fantastic! Are you having some of these tomorrow? This is gorgeous!