Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wire-wrapped Rings

I've wanted to make rings for a while, and recently thought I'd try some techniques to showcase my paper beads as rings.

My first attempt was just using one bead, but I abandoned that and started using groups of three beads, with the same wire-wrapping method. I tried stacking them, but found that they naturally fell into a more staggered pattern. I also tried flattening the coil into a band using pliers, which I really liked.

Unfortunately, that type seemed to look better on its own than on my hand, so I tried stacking the beads for a more symmetrical look.

However, that made for a ring that was too wide and uncomfortable to wear. I returned to my previous design, but without the wrapped cage part, since I wanted to highlight the graceful snuggling of the focal beads.

I like how the photo turned out, but I thought the ring itself looked a little too handmade. Then I tried holding both staggered rings next to each other and realized they made a pretty leaf pattern, which I then tried to replicate by using five staggered beads instead of three.

It's difficult to effectively photograph these leaf rings because the motif wraps around. They're very sweet though, and also comfortable. I've got to do a bit more work to smooth out the technique, but overall I like what I came up with.

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