Sunday, August 28, 2011

August Porch Garden

Earlier this month, the garden featured bee balm in various stages;

a second (and third!) crop of strawberries;

an entirely unstoppable mini rosebush;

several colors of sweet peas;

the first morning glories; 

and the first ripening vegetables:

Those cucumbers were surprisingly large, and really tasty! I can't wait for the peppers to ripen.

I went out yesterday to take some photos before Hurricane Irene arrived this morning. My Thai eggplant "tree" (it's the biggest thing on my porch!) finally started putting out buds;

the coleus plants have AMAZING color (entirely different from the colors of the plants I took the original cuttings from, for some reason);

the bell peppers are getting pretty enormous;

the first Heavenly Blue morning glories have finally come out, and the cosmos is starting to flower for the first time too;

 some beautiful colors on the tomatoes;

and the lantana, which has just kept blooming steadily through the season.

I brought many of the plants inside, but the garden is so enormous by now that I just can't fit all the plants in the house. I hope that the ones currently out in the hurricane survive!

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