Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Midsummer Garden

The porch garden just keeps expanding! I've got about thirty good-size pots out there, and have been experimenting with more flowers and different kinds of vegetables. Lettuce isn't doing as well as it did last year (it's just not growing for some reason), but the peas and beans have been good.

I got up early enough to catch a zucchini blossom (on the tiniest little zucchini plant that could!):

This is a dianthus plant that somehow sprouted again after the whole plant died over the winter:

The first flowers I planted from seed to bloom (besides the leafy vegetables, which have all bolted already!) are purple alyssum:

Cilantro flowers, which are just so pretty:

And the amazing mini rosebush, which just keeps shooting out flowers:

The Black-Eyed Susan vine is amazing:

I'm impressed that the bean plants produce when they're still so short -- the beans almost touch the ground!

 I just had to put in a photo of the radish blossoms, since I think they're actually rather pretty:

First green tomato, on a Roma tomato plant:

Morning glories are slowly starting to climb:

Except this one, which decided it was just going to bloom from the ground -- how weird!

I was so excited to find seeds for shiso, touted as "Japanese basil" but with a much more complex and amazing flavor. You can see where I tried one of the leaves for authenticity. I'm pleased to report that it's totally the real thing.

And lastly, an adorable mini poppy bud. I hope they open before I leave, but I might miss them!


  1. It all looks beautiful and potentially delicious. We're a little ahead of you in terms of morning glories and Thunbergia, but the tomatoes still resemble little green ball bearings and the cucumber plants have produced nothing but itchy leaves. Chris' rosebushes, on the other hand, are spectacular.

  2. Aww, your garden is awesome! I'm just growing tomato plants but I'm worried that I won't get to eat them before I head back to Amherst :(