Monday, September 13, 2010

Architectural Popups for M55

I've been working really hard making large-scale city popups for an upcoming show at the M55 gallery in Queens. The show's opening reception is on the 23rd of September, from 6-8pm.
Add that to your calendar:

The gallery's site doesn't have information yet for some reason, but I hope it will soon. Here are some photos of the pieces I've been working on for the installation:


  1. These are really exciting: the bigger scale changes everything. It also makes more space for the appealing urban details like chimneys and laundry lines and people at windows. And how did you figure out how to do fire escapes?!

  2. The black backing works really well! It makes the shadows pop.

  3. This is amazing! And super awesome that you have a show in Queens! I wish I could go :)

  4. I see these is a totally new way now that they are on a wall. Looks good. Are these going to be framed? How are these supposed to be mounted/hung on the walls of the gallery? I'm super curious.