Wednesday, October 14, 2009


For all of you who check this as an RSS feed, I updated my banner image. It'll be redundant for others, but this is the sketch I used:

I also noticed that the RSS feed format is pretty unattractive. I will work on future posts with that in mind, but for the optimal aesthetic experience I would recommend checking out new posts in the blog format instead of reading them on RSS. The blog background shows off sketches more attractively, and the formatting isn't all weird. Google Reader doesn't have the formatting problem, but in my opinion it's still hard to see light sketches against a white background.

The only downside of not using RSS is that I post pretty much every day, or sometimes twice a day (like today!). I'm pretty busy most of the time so that fact surprises even me, but it's important to me to put out the things I keep making all the time. So in order to avoid missing posts you might enjoy, make sure to check often!

- Emily

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